With more than 2,900 fire hydrants in the city of Kenner, inspecting and testing every single one of them takes time.  There's a lot involved to test flow rates and other features of the hydrants. 

As of, December 7th, 100% of the city's fire hydrants have been inspected. 

Hydrant tests beginning in 2019 are slated to have 20% of the hydrants tested in the springtime, with each year testing 20% so that all hydrants are tested 100% through a 5-year cycle. The test on each hydrant may cause a brief period of reduced water pressure or discolored water.  Any periods of low water pressure will only last a few minutes and the pressure will then return to normal.  Any location that experiences discolored water should run the water between thirty second and one minute in order to flush out the system.

To continue to reduce inconvenience to the community, when hydrants are inspected and tesed, residential areas will be tested Monday through Friday beginning no earlier than 8 A.M. and concluding most days before 3 P.M.  While residents are usually home on the weekends, KFD is focusing testing business areas on weekend days and trying to have testing completed before noon whenever possible.

Watch the hydrant testing demonstration here 


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