Welcome to Kenner 2030. Here we will showcase the components of this strategic plan for a prosperous future for the City of Kenner. With many components to this plan, we will work to keep you informed by posting updated information to this page.  Follow our progress!

Kenner 2030-Strategic Plan for a Prosperous Future

Click here to view the Kenner 2030 June 2014 Status Report

Click here to view the Kenner 2030 August 2013 Status Report

Click here to view the full version of this comprehensive plan 

Kenner 2030-Video showcasing the corridor redevelopment vision for the City of Kenner

Conceptual renderings of proposed capital projects

*Please be advised that these renderings are conceptual and not finalized. All renderings attached in this link are subject to design and feasibility studies, as well as review and approval from the Kenner City Council.

Announcements & Meetings

There are no scheduled meetings related to the 2030 Plan at this time.

Projects and Research

Needs Assessment Study and Resident Outreach:

A needs assessment study and resident outreach meetings were conducted by Mandala Research, LLC through the Jefferson Convention and Visitors Bureau from February through April of 2013. The study and outreach meetings sought input from regional travelers and residents regarding development ideas. The study will be forwarded to city consultants, who are in the process of putting together a presentation to state officials for the economic development of the lakefront area in Laketown, as well as further developments related to the Kenner 2030 Plan.

Click here to view the presentation prepared by Mandala Research, LLC outlining the results of the needs assessment study and resident outreach meetings.