Available SOQ's

Bid documents are provided on the City of Kenner website for informational purposes only.  The City of Kenner makes every effort to ensure that the documents provided on this website are current and complete.  However, the City of Kenner website is not an official channel for prime bidders to request bid documents or to submit bids electronically, and the City of Kenner is not responsible for any erroneous or incomplete bid documents made available through this website.   In certain instances, the City of Kenner is required to furnish a prime bidder who has requested bid documents with addenda that modifies plans and specifications.   A prime bidder who accesses bid documents using the City of Kenner website will not be provided a copy of said addenda unless the prime bidder makes a written request to the issuer of the bid documents (either the City of Kenner Purchasing Department or Architectural/Engineering firm responsible for the project, as the case may be) to be furnished with a copy.  The contact information for the issuer may be found within the bid documents.  The written request must include the name of the prime bidder as well as the facsimile number, e-mail address, or other preferred means of communication for the prime bidder.  Electronic bid submission is available for certain City of Kenner bid solicitations.  City of Kenner bid solicitations eligible for electronic bid submission are posted on the Central Auction House website (http://centralauctionhouse.com/).