Pay Tickets Online

As a convenience to the public, traffic tickets that are not mandatory court appearances may be paid using our online system. A convenience fee will be charged for all transactions processed through this site.

Payment may be made using Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express. It is the defendant's obligation to make sure all payments are properly made prior to the due date.

Pay tickets online.


The information provided on this website is to assist payment of Mayor's Court fines and should not be considered as proof or certification of fines paid. While every effort is made to ensure that the content is accurate, we do not warrant that the data available will be error free or that this site will always be available for use.

The information disclosed by this website is not a substitute for an actual traffic ticket or court summons. If you are seeking certification of taxes paid for the purposes of an act of sale, re-financing, or to comply with other legal requirements, please contact the City of Kenner Finance Department 504-468-4049, for a tax research certificate.

Homestead/Mortgage Companies please contact the City of Kenner Property Tax Department at 504-468-4049 for information regarding acceptable payment procedures.

For better user experience, please use Internet Explorer 8 or above. If you have any questions, contact the City of Kenner Clerk of Court office at 504-468-7277.