Filming Guidelines

Pre-Meeting Activities

  1. Obtain a film permit application packet from the City of Kenner, Department of Inspection and Code Enforcement, Occupational License, or download the application from our website at The packet should completed and returned as soon as possible.
  2. Contact the Occupational License office to schedule a meeting with the Film Committee. The Film Committee consists of members of the following departments: Inspection and Code Enforcement, Public Works, Police, Fire, City Attorney, and Planning. The council member whose district the filming is requested will also be present.
  3. Complete the Notice of Intent for Filming. The requesting party shall use the verbiage required by the City of Kenner on its letterhead and submit the notices to the City of Kenner. Once the notice(s) are approved by the Occupational License office, the production company shall disseminate the notice(s) to those residents, occupants, and businesses that may be affected.
  4. Contact the Occupational License office to determine whether or not construction/events are happening within the city that may interfere or preclude filming.
  5. Contact the Police Department, Detail Office, at 504-712-2212 to notify the office in advance of a possible need for police detail.

Meeting Discussions

  1. Film representatives should be prepared to discuss all aspects of the proposed filming and its impact to the City.
  2. Film representatives should be able to produce a call sheet or timetable for the proposed filming times.
  3. If traffic will be impacted by either intermittent traffic controls or closures, film representatives should be able to provide a Traffic Control Plan. The representatives should also be able to state if barricades will be needed for filming.
  4. The Film Committee will review the approved Notice of Intent for Filming to ensure that it accurately and adequately provides notice to the affected citizens and businesses. Representatives should also be prepared to give information of what area(s) were notified, if any.
  5. If approved, the representatives shall obtain general liability insurance in the amount of $1,000,000, naming the City of Kenner as an additional insured party for the length of the filming. It should read as follows:
    City of Kenner
    1926 18th Street
    Kenner, LA 70062

Things to Remember When Filming in Kenner

If the permit is granted by the Film Committee, the requesting party should remember the following:

  • Public transportation bus service cannot be detoured or delayed.
  • Production vehicles must not block parking lot access/egress ramps, fire hydrants or be parked in fire lanes and must leave at least 20 feet clearance between vehicles parked on either side of the road for emergency response vehicles to pass.
  • Base camp cannot be on the streets of Kenner; only the necessary production vehicles (i.e., grip and light truck) may be at the filming location. Crew parking, honeywagon, catering, nonessential production vehicles, etc. must be at a predetermined location (i.e., nearby parking lot).
  • Parking in alleyways is prohibited unless special arrangements are made through the City of Kenner.

Neighborhood Notification

The purpose of writing a letter to residents and businesses is to give advance notification of your arrival and describe the filming activities. All letters of notification must be forwarded to the City of Kenner for review and approval before the letter is delivered by film company personnel to the neighborhood(s) where filming is proposed to occur. Letters must be received by the resident/business in advance of filming.

The film company must those affected persons of the duration and location of filming, including information about planned special effects, road and lane closures, no parking requests, sidewalk usage (without obstructing pedestrians) and the time that barricades will be placed on the street.

Please use the following checklist to ensure that your letter includes all relevant details.

  • Letter is on production company letterhead.
  • Production company name, working title and type of production are listed.
  • Name, title and phone numbers of the location manager, assistant location manager are provided. You must also include Shirley Andrews, City of Kenner, 504-468-4062.
  • Duration of filming is given (dates and times)
  • Date(s) and time of day that production vehicles will arrive at the location as well as wrap time and day must be included.
  • Street dressing, gunfire and/or special effects must be included.
  • Specifics regarding proposed alternate parking arrangements for permit parkers have been included. It is up to the production company to find alternative parking arrangements suitable to the residents.
  • Specifics regarding street closures, intermittent traffic control, sidewalk closure, alternative parking requests for neighborhood/business district must be included. Ultimately, we want a letter that gives the effected area information about what's going on and let them know the production company is committed to making this a positive experience for them. Please always be gracious, we want everyone to be able to film there again.

Consideration to Residents / Occupants / Businesses

These persons should be free from any negative environmental conditions resulting from filming including but not limited to, spillover lighting, exhaust fumes or noise that may affect their ability to enjoy their property or conduct their business unless they have been contacted and do not express any objection. Specifically:


Lighting for filming should be oriented away from neighboring residences unless residents have been contacted and do not express any objection and should not interfere with the safe movement of traffic.


The production company must comply with legislation governing noise. If the affected residents/occupants/businesses have been advised in advance of the nature of the noise and do not object, the likelihood of a complaint will be reduced.

Disruption to Residents / Occupants / Businesses

It is the production company's responsibility to ensure that there is a minimum of disruption to residents, occupants, businesses and City employees where filming occurs. This includes ensuring residents, owners and customer's access to their respective premises and ensuring pedestrian and vehicular access to adjoining properties.

Vehicles, Traffic, Parking Traffic

  • No interference with pedestrian or vehicular traffic is to occur without being noted on the permit and approved by the City of Kenner.
  • Production vehicles must comply with appropriate traffic regulations unless stated otherwise on the permit.
  • All moving vehicles must comply with regulations governing traffic in city parks/properties unless otherwise noted on the permit.
  • Except where a road is closed for filming, where a moving vehicle is involved, the applicant shall adhere to the posted speed limits and to lawful conditions.

Parking &/or Standing

Production vehicles must not block fire hydrants, be parked in fire lanes and must leave at least 20 feet clearance between vehicles for emergency response vehicles to pass.

  • Production vehicles must not block parking lot access/egress ramps.

Traffic Stoppages

Intermittent traffic stoppages are limited to a maximum of five minutes, and must be under the supervision of a City of Kenner Police Officer.

Police / Fire / Ambulance

Filming Activities and Relationship to Police/Fire/Ambulance:

  • Appropriate Fire personnel are required for the detonation of pyrotechnic special effects.
  • The City of Kenner must be advised in advance when the use of flammable liquids/materials and special effects are being planned. The Kenner Fire Department can be contacted at 504-468-7266.
  • City of Kenner Police Officers are required as determined by the City of Kenner for such things as intermittent traffic stoppages and traffic control and/or when required to direct pedestrian or vehicular traffic including those instances involving city parks/properties. You must contact Chief's Overtime in advance of filming to schedule your officers. A copy of the permit is to be supplied by the production company to each of the police officers on duty. All costs associated with these requirements are the expense of the applicant.



Production crews must clean the location at the end of the filming day with a minimum amount of noise and disruption and ensure that the area is returned to its original condition, unless otherwise approved by the City of Kenner or other arrangements are made with an operating Division of the City and noted on the permit, in which case the production company will be billed accordingly.


It is the responsibility of the production company to ensure that their staff operates in a safe and professional manner in the course of their duties.