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Martin Luther King Resource Center

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Reservation Cost

$150.00 per hour

Max Occupancy 200

Facility Rental Application (PDF)

  • Rental fees must be paid in full at least 48 hours in advance of reserved rental to the Department of Community Development

  • Minimum rental: 2 hours.  Maximum rental 6 hours   - $100 deposit + $150/hour

  • Time includes 1 hour before and 1 hour after for set-up and clean-up 

  • $25 fee for extra set-up time

  • $100 damage deposit refunded 3-4 weeks after event

  • If event starts after 5 p.m., has excess of 50 persons, alcohol is served, a uniformed security officer is required

  • Call 504-712-2200 to reserve a KPD officer. If one is not available contact East Jefferson Levee District Police or the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's office for an officer.  Cash payment directly to the officer

  • Smoke-free facility

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