Fire Department

Ryan Bergeron, Interim Chief
City of Kenner
2226 Williams Boulevard
Kenner, Louisiana 70062
Telephone: (504) 468-4000


The City of Kenner Fire Department is committed to working together with other agencies to ensure the safety of Kenner’s citizens. More than 3,500 Americans die each year in fires and approximately 18,300 are injured.  An overwhelming number of fires occur in the home. Not only is it the responsibility of the Kenner Fire Department to provide safety to the City as first responders, but also to educate the public regarding fire safety and prevention.

Our mission is to always to be prepared both mentally and physically to assist the public in the areas of fighting fire, medical assistance, hazardous materials, all man-made and natural emergencies, and fire prevention. It is our goal to protect life and property through preparation, education, prevention, response and mitigation. In performing our daily tasks and while on emergency incidents, we will always be professional and courteous to one another, the persons we are assisting, and the general public.

In pursuing our Mission, we commit to these Guiding Principles:

· To always treat our citizens with courtesy and respect.

· To work towards improving the quality of service that we provide through training and keeping physically fit.

· To treat one another, as members of the Kenner Fire Department, with fairness, dignity, courtesy, respect and strive to achieve the highest level of professional and personal growth and development.

· To always be reminded that we are all individuals. As many individuals, we make-up ONE Fire Department and will work as one complete unit.

· As members of the Kenner Fire Department, we will take personal responsibility in attaining organizational goals and pride in our work.

The City of Kenner Fire Department offers the following programs to the citizens of Kenner:

· We visit schools to teach Fire Safety Programs, such as Stop, Drop and Roll and Learn Not to Burn.

· We visit businesses to teach fire safety in the work place.

· We conduct Fire Station Tours to scout groups, civic groups, schools, church groups, and others.

If you would like additional information on these programs, please call (504) 468-4000.

City of Kenner Demographics:

Population: 66,975

Size: 15 square miles

Location: Metropolitan area West of New Orleans. Boundaries are Lake Pontchartrain, Mississippi River, New Orleans and St. Charles Parish

Modes of transportation through City: New Orleans International Airport is located in Kenner, Interstate 10, several major railroads and the MIssissippi River (barge and shipping).

Vital Statistics:

Internal Department Structure


Full Time Members:  95

Reserve Members:   40

Total Personnel:       135

Job Classification

Total Number of Personnel

Fire Chief


Assistant Fire Chiefs


District Chiefs


Fire Captains






Fire Inspector


Communication Officers


Part Time Communications Officer


Office Personnel (Non-Fire)



Average Number of Calls per Year: 1,901

Average Response Times: 3-5 Minutes

Types of Calls:

  • Structure Fires
  • Vehicle Fires
  • Rubbish Fires
  • Ground Cover Fires
  • Hazardous Materials Incidents
  • Rescue both Water and Land
  • Medical (all vehicle accidents with extrication and back-up to EMS Service)
  • Automatic Alarms
  • Miscellaneous (Unknown Odors, Power Lines, Hurricanes, etc.)


Type of Equipment

Total Number of Items

Fire Stations


2011 Pierce Saber Pumper


2005 KME 75’ Quint


2000 Spartan 55’Quint


1996 Simon LTI, 75' Quint


2004 Spartan Rescue Squad


1997 Spartan pumper - spare


1996 Spartan pumper - spare


1994 Simon LTI 75' Quint - spare


1990 Quality pumper - spare


2015 Ford Expeditions (command vehicles)


2007 Ford Expedition (Fire Inspector)


2008 Ford F350 pickups


2000 Ford Crown Victoria - spare


2007 Aluma Craft boat


Fire Class Rating:

Through the diligent efforts of the Administration and Fire Department personnel, the Kenner Fire Department maintains a Class II Fire Rating. We will continue to improve our Fire Department and work hard at keeping the citizens of Kenner safe.

Firefighter Compensation:

Click here to view the Firefighter Compensation Study.