Kenner Floodplain Information

The Repetitive Flood Loss Area Analysis (RLAA) for Kenner looks at flooding issues and potential mitigation measures for homes located in the City of Kenner’s Repetitive Loss Area. Addressing these repetitive loss properties will ultimately be instrumental in reducing the overall costs to individual homeowners as well as the National Flood Insurance Program. The most recent Kenner RLAA is available to view (PDF).

The Department of Inspections & Code Enforcement maintains elevation certificates for new and substantially improved buildings - copies of elevation certificates can be accessed online.

We have made the Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) interactive for the City of Kenner and the program is available for you to use, or you may print a PDF of your area of Kenner's specific FIRM.

Homeowners' insurance policies and business multi-peril insurance policies do not cover losses from flood. Flood insurance policies must be purchased separately. Properties in Flood Zone AE are required to carry flood insurance if they have a federally backed-mortgage. For properties in Flood Zone X, it is highly recommended to carry flood insurance as floods do not respect Zone X boundaries. Flood insurance Information is available for property protection, flood safety, the Flood Warning System, and more through the Department of Inspections & Code Enforcement and through the Flood and Drainage Information page.

There's also information available about flooding in our area. River gauge levels help show in real-time when the Mississippi River water level is running high. You can check the river level by visiting the Army Corps of Engineer's site River Gages to see if there are public service announcements about the river's flood potential. Another informative site for flood information is Coastal Risk. It provides forecasted storm surge information and has a historical component for review.