Political Activities

The Kenner City Charter includes Political Activities Restrictions applicable to City classified employees. These restrictions were also adopted by the Civil Service Board as part of the City Civil Service Rules as Rule XV which reads as follows:



  1. No member of the Kenner City Civil Service Board, or employee covered under the Kenner Classified Civil Service shall participate or engage in political activity; be a candidate for nomination or election to public office or be a member of any national, state, or local committee of a political party or faction, make or solicit contributions for a political party, faction or candidate; or take active part in the management of the affairs of a political party, faction, candidate, or any political campaign, except to exercise his right as a citizen to express his opinion privately, to serve as a commissioner or official watcher at the polls, and to cast his vote as he desires (emphasis added).
  2. Contributions. No person shall solicit contributions for political purposes from any classified employee or use or attempt to use his position in the city service to punish or coerce the political activity of a classified employee.
  3. Political Activity Defined. As used in these rules, political activity means an effort to support or oppose the election of a candidate for political office or to support a particular political party in an election.

These restrictions are intended to protect classified employees from undue pressure to participate in political activities, or contribute to or participate in any political campaign. This is accomplished by making it illegal for classified employees to do so. If you have any questions regarding what you can or cannot do, please call the Civil Service Department. 

View the current Prohibited Political Activities Notice (PDF).