Recycling Details

Recycling services are provided to Kenner residents and business owners by Ramelli Janitorial Services. 

Recycling Schedule: 

(All recycling materials are collected on the second day of your regularly scheduled garbage collection day)

  • Blue: Monday and Thursday Route
  • Orange: Tuesday and Friday Route
  • Purple: Wednesday and Saturday Route

Recycling Guidelines: 

Paper Products:

  • Office Paper 
  • Newspaper, including color inserts 
  • Magazines and Catalogs 
  • Junk mail and telephone books 
  • Paperboard boxes, including cereal boxes, freezer food boxes, and 12 pack soft drink boxes and other food/snack boxes and other corrugated cardboard 

Plastic Products:

  • Plastic food and beverage containers coded 1,2, and 3 
  • Essentially everything constructed out of plastic should be marked with a code 

Metal Products:

  • Aluminum cans, steel and ferrous metal food containers and lids

If you would like to request a new recycling bin, please contact the Mayor's Office.

  • Phone: 504-468-7240
  • Email: COKCommunications@Kenner.La.Us  
Trash Routes Map

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