Kenner Art Walk


The Kenner Artwalk is a public art display created to bring art in the form of sculptures and structures to the residents and visitors of the City of Kenner. Located on major thoroughfares, at public parks, and in other public spaces, these donated pieces provide individuals with an opportunity to view and appreciate art in an informal setting.

The majority of the Kenner Artwalk has been made possible by the kindness and generosity of Mr. Henry Shane, a lifelong Kenner resident, and his wife, Mrs. Pat Shane. William Henry Shane, Jr. (born June 29, 1937) is a successful businessman, philanthropist, and avid collector of art and classic cars. Henry and his wife, Pat, have gifted 39 sculptures to the City of Kenner to date in an effort to beautify our public thoroughfares and make art accessible to all.  His investment in our community has resulted in increased property values, a source of civic pride, and a greater appreciation of the arts. Sculptures have been donated by local and regional philanthropists or are on loan through museums and private collections.

Power Blvd.

Apple Pi

Apple Pie Sculpture on Power Blvd.

Stacked Jacks

Stacked Jacks sculpture on Power Blvd.

Quantum Leap

Quantum Leap sculpture on Power Blvd.


Hi sculpture on Power Blvd.

Inner Urge

Inner Urge sculpture on Power Blvd.

Man and Women Under A Tree

Man and Woman Under a Tree sculpture on Power Blvd.


Hop sculpture on Power Blvd.

Winking Cardinal

Sculpture of a red cardinal bird sitting on concrete block with background of a blue sky and trees

First Spelling Lesson

Statue of soup can with sticks of baby cube blocks, sitting on concrete block stand with blue sky

Consolations: Lessons Learned

Consolations-Lessons Learned sculpture on Power Blvd.

Divine Assembly

Divine Assembly sculpture on Power Blvd.

Three Jazz Men

Three Jazz Men sculpture on Power Blvd.

Alison's Ambit

Sculpture of abstract chrome blue shape

Running By The Lake In the Sun

Running by the Lake in the Sun sculpture on Power Blvd.

Froebel's Gifts Energized

Froebel's Gifts Energized Cube sculpture on Power Blvd.

Duck Crossing

Duck Crossing sculpture on Power Blvd.

CAT-5 Tree

CAT-5 Tree sculpture on Power Blvd.

Cannes Brulees

Cannes Brulees sculpture on Power Blvd.

High Seas

Hight Seas sculpture on Power Blvd.

Kenner Farmer

Kenner Farmer sculpture on Power Blvd.

The Jogger

The Jogger sculpture on Power Blvd.

Freedom Forever

Freedom Forever sculpture on Power Blvd.

The Genesis of All Things

The Genesis of All Things sculpture on Power Blvd.

Loyola Blvd.

Kenner Letter Sculpture

Kenner Lettter Sculpture sculpture on Loyola Blvd.

Easter Morning

Rainbow colored sculpture of rabbits

Take and Play

Take and Play sculpture on Loyola Blvd.

With Heart

With Heart sculpture on Loyola Blvd.

The Discovery of Art

The Discovery of Art sculpture on Loyola Blvd.


Nautilus sculpture on Loyola Blvd.


Environment sculpture on Loyola Blvd.

The Art of The Heart

The Art of the Heart sculpture on Loyola Blvd.

Discovery Owl

Discovery Owl sculpture on Loyola Blvd.